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Identifying white space opportunity to grow your business

Times change. Priorities change. And the disruptive way consumers judge your brand, product and service change. Constantly. Courageous brands embrace this reality because they know it signals opportunity, but measuring what matters to identify real market gaps and maximize investment is critical. That’s why we created an innovative gap analysis solution called Catapult.

White Space Finder

Propel your brand forward with a smart white space strategy

Catapult is an agile solution that quickly propels your brand forward by measuring success on a dynamic set of dimensions. It comprises three qualitative modules that answer big white space analysis questions:

  • What truly matters to consumers about your category?
  • What is the optimal combination of attributes to maximize investment?
  • Where are the market gaps?

Our fresh, multifaceted approach allows you to combine all three modules or pick whichever provides the most value. It’s redefining white space research and guiding brands to success.

A white space strategy as dynamic as change itself

Seamlessly combine our Clarify, Classify and Certify qualitative modules or pick whichever gives you the most value. We’re flexible.

Clarify: What truly matters to consumers about your category?

Clarify identifies what consumers actually believe matters, generating high-impact attributes. Include a subset of your firm’s traditional attributes to measure the highest-valued external and internal metrics from the start.

Classify: What is the optimal combination of attributes to maximize investment?

Maximizing everything is not always the best solution. Sometimes “good” is good enough. Classify uncovers the importance of attributes on satisfaction. Our proprietary model identifies how each attribute impacts your category.

Certify: Where are the market gaps?

Certify pinpoints where your existing or prototype product or service sits relative to the competition in your category, benchmarks your offering, and identifies market gaps to maximize investment.

Spin white space opportunity into business gold.

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