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Brand Evolution

Evolving your brand story in a changed world

A compelling brand story inspires. But the speed of change means that brands must continuously evolve and respond to real-world events while remaining true to the values they espouse. Whether your organization is expanding, advancing or reinventing—or the world around it is—a brand that stands still is falling behind.

Brand Evolution

Future proof your brand position as a growth strategy

Escalent’s time-tested brand evolution process future proofs your brand by identifying its current position, where it has permission to play, and how to tell its evolving story to the market. And that starts by understanding why you need to evolve. Do you need to:

  • Expand your brand to a different market or category?
  • Advance your brand but are unsure where it needs to go or how to get there?
  • Reinvent your brand to grow amid disruption?

No matter what your brand transformation looks like, the end game is informing strategic decisions quickly and innovatively. And that demands a partner who understands your industry and can track, incite and steer growth. We are that partner.

Three questions to guide your evolving brand inspiration

What’s your position in the market today? Through blended insights, from ethnographies and in-depth interviews to journey mapping, and our proprietary Brand Landscaper™, you get a visual map of your current and potential brand position, including how you’ll stack up against the competition.

Where do you want to go? We conduct research that is explorative and directive to help you understand how credibly your brand can hold the position. Then a brand position analysis focuses on importance, believability, uniqueness, and call to action for each concept.

Which messages best communicate your position? Capture the truest impressions of messages using eye tracking or Textalytics™, which generate an Excitement Score™ and eliminate the guesswork of finding the best message. This highly collaborative, iterative brand evolution process sheds light on exactly how to tell your evolving brand story to the market.

With change comes opportunity to future proof your most powerful asset.

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