Delivering a holistic view of the customer lifecycle by uniting acquisition and churn research
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Delivering a holistic view of the customer lifecycle by uniting acquisition and churn research

The entire Escalent team has done an excellent job with the reporting deliverables. They understand our products, and that knowledge really shows in the reporting and conversations we have. This is what it means to have a positive business partnership! I would be lost without Escalent!

Business Issue

A leading regional telecom provider had been conducting numerous individual research studies for many years, including acquisition, customer satisfaction and churn trackers. It wanted to make the research more actionable across the organization and maximize the value of these stand-alone tracking research projects while improving the overall customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

What We Did

Escalent reconstructed all of the tracking studies to ensure that core measures were similar in the acquisition, customer satisfaction and churn studies, and could be tracked across all studies while keeping existing, valuable KPI trended data intact. We also revamped the reporting to allow for integrated learnings across studies. Further, all of the studies were set up on the Escalent portal to facilitate quick and easy access to the integrated data throughout the organization, especially for its C-suite.


Our research provided unexpected insights into why customers chose this telecom brand, how well the brand was delivering on its promises, and how failing to deliver on these promises was leading to increased churn levels. As a result, the telecom provider instituted new corporate initiatives that both targeted trouble areas and accentuated its strongest attributes. Now, research has taken on a whole new life throughout the organization, driving a focus on the entire customer lifecycle rather than treating acquisition and churn as wholly separate phenomena.

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