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Technology is no longer simply a sector but the air we breathe. As soon as a device, app, or platform becomes part of our lives, something new comes along. How do you navigate what people want, what they need and what is actually going to be successful? Our technology and market research, analytics and consulting team has decades of deep B2B and B2C tech industry knowledge to deliver the insightful analysis needed to find answers to the toughest question of all: Now what?

Decoding and Solving Today’s Challenges with Technology Business Research and Analytics

Maintaining market leadership

Staying ahead of trends and identifying where to put your next investment is challenging without a strategic research partner with strong technology market intelligence. Escalent’s deep industry knowledge and technology market research insights help you define opportunities and navigate change to stay ahead of the pack.

Demystifying data

Data sitting in silos throughout your firm is overwhelming. A skilled technology-focused and strategic market research partner translates your business data into actionable technology industry insights and integrates multiple data streams into your ongoing business reporting to keep you informed of new or shifting trends.

Hard-to-reach audiences

We have access to hard-to-reach audiences, from developers and IT decision-makers to niche users. We know how to talk deep tech to get meaningful answers. And we know the ins and outs of designing technology research without bias. You need a strategic consulting partner with technology business research chops, and we’ve got them.

Our Technology Market Insights Go
Deep and Wide

Tech is everywhere and so is Escalent, with global scope and a nuanced understanding of both established and emerging markets. We provide deep technology market intelligence from B2B and B2C tech veterans—no learning curve required. Our methodology-agnostic, consultative research approach means we’re laser focused on answering your business questions.

We work with trailblazing leaders and challengers of the tech universe to break new ground, with technology market insights and analytics solutions that reveal opportunities, uncover new segments, and pinpoint critical issues that can affect product launches. Drive your business forward with a nimble and experienced technology market research and analytics partner by your side.

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