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Market Assessment

New market entry is high risk, high reward

Global markets are evolving day by day. Let competitors swoop in first, and your growth opportunities get harder to find. Businesses need to know where to play and how to win. They need comprehensive and predictive global market opportunity assessments for successful new market entry. Be ready for your next window of opportunity.

Market Assessment

A new market entry demands a holistic view

New market entry is a game of high risk, high reward. A brand’s formula for success in one geography or category can backfire in another. A host of factors are at play with any new market entry. Market-specific economic drivers can impact buying power and price sensitivity. Complex social and cultural forces shape perception and behavior. Not to mention government and regulatory hurdles, intricate distribution ecosystems, and well-established competitors in your way.

Escalent helps expansion-focused brands reformulate for success. We closely assess opportunity and hedge risk with an all-encompassing, geographically nuanced market assessment to inform your next strategic market entry.

AMPlify your power to win with a new market entry framework

Using multiple methodologies and data sources, Escalent gives you a comprehensive view of risk and reward. We’ll often start with a customized Assessment of Market Potential (AMP). The AMP looks at many market factors in conjunction with your core brand proposition, product benefits, and your ability to deliver in the market. We consider a mix of market externalities and your business strengths to recommend priority target markets. So, you’ll know where to play and how to win.

And it’s not all about new market entry. Escalent’s framework is designed to help you defend your existing markets from challengers looking to steal share.

Win in new markets and defend what’s yours.

Ask about our strategic market assessment and new market entry support.

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