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Customer Success

Make Customer Success management and strategy your growth engine

Your customers’ success is the key to your success. Companies with sophisticated Customer Success capabilities see higher customer retention rates, sell more upgrades, reduce customer churn, get more referrals, and grow. All by being relentlessly focused on their customers’ success and by leveraging customer data to fuel growth.

Customer Success

Scale your Customer Success team and enhance the customer experience

Some companies are already great at customer engagement. They just need help to scale their customer success team. We help companies build their vision for Customer Success and use customer data to grow their entire business.

Escalent works with you to design and build your Customer Success management team with an eye toward the future. We provide additional expert Customer Success capacity and an informed perspective on team design and Customer Success operations. You’ll get support across regions, with time zone-appropriate teams and multiple languages, and back-office resources for tasks that can be executed remotely, making your local teams more efficient.

Wherever you are in your Customer Success management evolution, we can help.

Customer Success is a goldmine of customer data

Unlocking the full value of your customer data takes expert customer analytics. It requires advanced customer churn predictive models, and people who can connect the dots between customer data and your business priorities. That’s what we do. Escalent helps you use customer data to hone your broader business strategies.

Use customer data to assess product gaps and identify unmet needs. Understand customer segments and behaviors. Map the twists and turns of the customer journey and customer life cycle. Use customer insights to inform sales and marketing initiatives. Evaluate and track trends for operational metrics and process improvement. And more.

Make Customer Success your growth engine.

Ask how we can help you scale quickly and use customer analytics to drive strategic growth.

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