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Path to Purchase

Boost Customer Growth Using Our Award-Winning Path-to-Purchase Approach

Dare to follow the consumer with our award-winning path to purchase (P2P) research

Human beings are messy, emotional and complex creatures. Decoding their behavior can be fun. And profitable. There are critical moments in time along the consumer path to purchase. If you deliver the right message in the right place at the right time, you will win more.

Path to Purchase

Capture the web-like, dynamic nature of the purchase journey

P2P research should go beyond what the journey looks like—it should reveal the most important interactions for your potential customers and your brand. And it should be agile enough to work across industries that have wildly different paths. Through a deep understanding of consumer emotions, motivations, considerations, and paths, we show you precisely where you’re doing well and where you need specific interventions.

Escalent creates dynamic purchase paths for each consideration group, but there’s much more to it than describing the path. Our solution identifies friction points, isolates the most important interactions and prescribes the right strategy to speed your customers along the journey path.

Understanding consumer behavior requires a deep dive into three areas

Needs Recognition: Purchase paths vary greatly. The importance of each step in a path is predicated on underlying consumer motivations. Understanding the common triggers of need recognition and the corresponding shopping goals illuminates how to reach target groups.

Awareness & Consideration: When needs recognition takes place, is your brand top of mind? If so, is it being considered? Brand awareness doesn’t always translate to consideration. Understanding why your brand is excluded from consideration—and how to fix that—drives new customer growth.

Path Evaluation: Escalent’s approach works because it does more than capture what shoppers do—it digs deep into why they do it and how those motives differ among key populations. Not only do we identify the friction points that inhibit acquisition, but we provide the knowledge to eliminate the friction.

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