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The telecom industry is shifting. Again. This time, focusing less on entertainment and returning to its communication and connectivity roots. And as technology becomes increasingly agile, consumers expect more value for less money. The need to differentiate has never been more critical. With decades of experience on the client and vendor side, Escalent provides insider-level telecom industry analysis, consulting and research to solve today’s toughest telecom challenges.

Turn Challenges Into Opportunity with Actionable Telecommunications Industry Analysis


As the telecom industry returns to its roots of communication and connectivity, standing out from the crowd to influence consumers can be tricky. While there’s no shortage of telecom market data, it’s knowing how to use the data that makes all the difference.

Acquiring and retaining customers

Winning and keeping customers is the path to success. But any telecom industry report will tell you that churn is one of the biggest industry challenges. Fight churn with a thoughtful, systematic telecommunications market research program that digs deep to reveal what makes your customers tick.

Work smart agility

The demand for quality telecom insights is increasing while internal resources are decreasing. How do we work smarter for you? Escalent provides Implementation Consultants to support ongoing workstreams and quick-turn insights, freeing up your core team to focus on the big picture.

Get Insider-Level Telecom Insights and Nuanced Telecom Industry Research

The telecom industry must do more than attract and retain customers with pricing strategies—it must plumb the customer experience (CX) to reveal what truly inspires customers to remain loyal.

Escalent knows the telecom market—and its consumers—inside out. The industry’s leading brands think of us as a true business partner, and they rely on our nuanced telecommunication industry research and consulting to help them anticipate—and navigate—disruption. Let us help you map out a new, impactful and actionable strategy to attract and retain customers and inspire brand love.

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