Evaluating a “connected” apparel product for launch
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Evaluating a “connected” apparel product for launch

Business Issue

A global footwear and apparel brand was preparing to enter a new product area and approached Escalent for help. The company was interested in launching a “connected” apparel product that involved mobile and online content. It needed help prioritizing features for development, as well as consumer feedback to help drive launch-related marketing, in-store signage, and online product descriptions that would introduce consumers to the connected content and foster initial engagement.

What We Did

We began this multi-phase research with qualitative in-person sessions with consumers in the target market to gauge reaction to the concept and various connected content and experiences under consideration. In subsequent research, we conducted post-launch phone interviews and a quantitative web survey with early adopters of the product to understand and measure their selection and purchase process, initial and subsequent use experiences, and intent to connect with the content going forward. We conducted follow-up phone interviews with a subset of participants months later to understand how their usage had changed in the months since initial use, and specifically which connected experiences were still being used and valued.


Escalent helped the brand determine the first-year product as well as launch-related marketing and informational materials. Now in the second year of product availability, the brand is exceeding its sales and brand goals with the product in the US and globally.

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