Improving loyalty and growing cloud service offerings
Success Stories | Improving loyalty and growing cloud service offerings

Improving loyalty and growing cloud service offerings

Business Issue

One of our largest and longest-tenured technology clients came to us with an interesting and important question: How do consumers select a cloud services provider? Do they subscribe to multiple providers? If so, why?

As the cloud services space becomes more crowded, it is vital to clearly understand consumer awareness, satisfaction, and engagement across different cloud service providers. Our client was keen to understand which customer segments tend to subscribe to multiple services as opposed to those who prefer using just one provider. As data privacy has grown as a concern, the executives needed to understand the impact of security and privacy issues and how they impact the cloud services provider purchase journey.

What We Did

Escalent designed a cross-market competitive cloud services tracker for our client. We leveraged our knowledge of the space to create a quantitative quarterly survey that:

  • Measured premium and free services, including how consumers use one service versus multiple services
  • Tracked satisfaction and awareness/use of competitive cloud services
  • Identified areas to improve awareness, satisfaction and engagement
  • Determined what drives the health of each cloud ecosystem and storage business


Escalent’s insights identified specific areas of opportunities to improve loyalty to our client’s cloud services offerings, as well as the “tipping point” where consumers began to defect to other service providers.

The client used these findings to strengthen cloud services and storage offerings to make its services easier to understand and more useful for different consumer segments.

Since we’ve implemented this tracker, cloud services have increased in market share as a proportion of our client’s subscription services, and the client is armed with a strong strategy for future growth.

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