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Modeling IT buyer influencers, and building rich personas to drive a successful solution launch

Business Issue

A major technology company was at an inflection point. It could continue “business as usual,” or dig into a full overhaul of its business model. Ultimately, it determined that a top-to-bottom overhaul was the best path forward. This involved a change in product lineup, sales model, and revenue generation model. To drive this forward, it needed to understand who its customers will be, what its priorities are, when it moves projects forward and reaches out to vendors, and why it selects certain vendors (and projects).

What We Did

Escalent connected with IT decision-makers in multiple markets, representing multiple key verticals. We designed the interviews to:

  • Improve the understanding
    and ability to target dispersed decision-making.
  • Drive a deeper understanding of how to resonate with key vertical influencers—needs, aspirations,
    solutions they focus on, etc.
  • Identify where and how to reach decision-makers and influencers (digital and physical channels).
  • Gauge current perceptions and relationship with our client.
  • Prioritize by vertical and geo.


Our client is building out new solution strategies, with rich marketing and field sales strategies, based on the deep personas Escalent developed. As the client’s plans and retooling efforts move forward, it continues to engage us in expanding its persona universe to include additional industries and geos.

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