Improving mobile app UX prior to launch
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Improving mobile app UX prior to launch

Having worked with literally hundreds of different companies for market research in my decades in business, I can say without hesitation that Escalent is the best possible partner and strategist I have ever worked with.

Business Issue

An online bank start-up was preparing to launch its initial banking and payment app in the US, Canada and Europe. Given the importance of getting its first app right—as it’d be the first brand experience consumers would have—the start-up understood how critical it was to seek consumer feedback for a prerelease version of the app itself, particularly the onboarding and initial-use cases, as well as the resulting brand image the app would help foster with early customers.

What We Did

Escalent launched user experience (UX) research in the US and Canada. In the sessions, our world-class UX facilitator guided participants through several specific usage scenarios including onboarding, money sending, currency exchange, and updating user information. Through the sessions, we identified what was working well and points of friction and confusion regarding these experiences. Our work focused on surfacing, and ultimately prioritizing, critical issues that could hinder a successful app launch.


We used insights to finalize the launch version of the app and to prioritize near-term improvements on the 12-month product road map. Specific changes made prior to launch included:

  • Adjusting language on onboarding and money send screens to be more consumer-friendly.
  • Improving text readability and toggle control design.
  • Making some onboarding tasks optional to lower risk of onboarding attrition.

The app launched on schedule and exceeded initial UX research and sign-up goals.

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