Unearthing Insights Hidden in Existing Data and Research: Implementation Consultants as a Solution
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Unearthing Insights Hidden in Existing Data and Research: Implementation Consultants as a Solution

This program has helped us leverage existing research and data that exist across the company and brings it all together to provide meaningful, coherent and succinct answers to big strategic questions.

Business Issue

Being a market leader has its challenges. The Marketing team for one of the top-three cloud solutions providers was struggling to maintain a clear and differentiated product positioning.

They lacked a clear view of the key differentiators and an expansive view of the evolving playing field and emerging competitive solutions. They needed ongoing actionable insights to help marketers better understand the voice of the customer and make informed strategic decisions.

What We Did

We knew the company was sitting on a ton of data and research. Rather than proposing yet another research project, we recommended a disciplined research program to structure, synthesize and tease out critical insights buried in existing data and reports. 

We assembled an agile dedicated team of three consultants to pour through customer data and existing primary, secondary, and syndicated research. 


Sure enough, the answers to our client’s questions were there all the time. Skilled knowledge synthesis resurfaced those answers. No additional research required. 

The Marketing group was so impressed with the program’s efficiency that they retained Escalent’s Implementation Consultants to provide ongoing data synthesis and analysis, helping them stay ahead of a rapidly evolving competitive landscape and bolster their product positioning. 

Working with Escalent’s dedicated team of consultants  has garnered corporate recognition for the marketing leaders that rely on their small but dedicated external team for consistent, efficient and impact-oriented reporting. 

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