As ChatGPT Approaches First Anniversary, C Space Quiz Shows Significant Artificial Intelligence (AI) Education Gap for Consumers

November 30, 2023

Amid ChatGPT’s one-year anniversary, results from a new quiz by customer insight and human relationship agency C Space, indicate the average consumer lacks knowledge about the extent to which AI is embedded in their lives, even among those who self-identify as highly knowledgeable of the technology.

Titled “A Reality Check on Artificial Intelligence,” the quiz employed an AI diagnostic tool to gauge perceptions of AI to 500 general population consumers through unaided associations and questions on AI’s values, emotions and societal impact.

Among its findings were two key themes:

  • Familiarity with AI correlates to knowledge. Presented with a list of 13 scenarios, all of which use AI, C Space asked respondents to identify which scenarios they think involve AI. While one scenario centered on generative AI chatbots, most focused on pre-existing everyday examples, from facial recognition to unlock smartphones and online translation to targeted social media ads and beyond. While the ability to identify AI scenarios increased with familiarity, even those who claimed to be the most familiar only achieved a median score of 7 out of 13 correct answers.
  • Everyone needs more education. Only 12% of consumers overall correctly identified all scenarios involving AI. This indicates that even those who consider themselves most familiar with AI are unaware of some of its applications.

While companies are focused on AI innovation, Arjun Chawla, vice president at C Space, says there is an opportunity for companies to educate consumers to build comfort and trust with the technology.

“We saw two emotional responses from respondents: concerned shock or comforted surprise. Companies have the chance to enhance consumer confidence and instill a sense of security regarding the positive aspects of AI applications, so the response is not inherently negative,” said Chawla. “AI is a broad field and has been around for decades, the generative form only recently being popularized by ChatGPT. In general, AI has a lot of friendly uses that enhance our lives and create efficiencies, such as personalization or fielding customer service requests. This most recent data underscore the opportunity for organizations to better communicate the use of AI and its benefits, where applicable.”

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