Using secondary and qualitative research to build a generative AI market strategy
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Using secondary and qualitative research to build a generative AI market strategy

Business Issue

A major technology firm turned to Escalent to understand the landscape and dynamics of the rapidly budding generative artificial intelligence (AI) market and identify where it could compete. This included understanding:

  • Key market players and their perceptions in the marketplace
  • Common types of users and customers within the generative AI space
  • How and where users and customers get information about market players
  • Upcoming breakthroughs on the horizon
  • What kinds of new features and generative AI technologies users and customers are looking for

What We Did

Escalent conducted a two-phased approach using secondary desk research and qualitative research.

We started with desk research that allowed us to build a 30,000-foot view of the generative AI market and understand the core market dynamics. To ensure we captured the true sentiment of users and customers, we evaluated social media posts for keywords and tone.

Using findings from our secondary research, we held multiple online in-depth-interviews that allowed us to understand “the why” behind customer perceptions of the generative AI market. To ensure we appropriately represented the customer base, we conducted these interviews with a wide set of respondents.


Given Escalent’s deep expertise in the technology industry, we provided an insightful, contextual view of the generative AI market and worked hand-in-hand with our client to develop their competitive strategy. Thanks to our partnership and the deep insights we delivered, our client:

  • Created an effective and differentiated brand position
  • Targeted the right customers for its brand
  • Developed product features that captured market attention
  • Launched a new product with a strong public announcement that received positive customer adoption and feedback

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