Driving sales enablement through a real-time predictive sales dashboard
Success Stories | Driving sales enablement through a real-time predictive sales dashboard

Driving sales enablement through a real-time predictive sales dashboard

We can now move faster and more effectively. Escalent's dashboards are intuitive, cover all the interesting data, and are much appreciated by the executive team and regional heads.

Business Issue

A technology major was stuck with an archaic sales information system that provided a static and inconsistent view of sales performance. The client’s senior leadership was struggling with limited sales insights leading to ineffective sales monitoring and interventions. The system was a bottleneck to account management, new solutions development and proactive churn management. The client turned to Escalent for a sales enablement solution for measuring sales efficacy and enabling decision-making.

What We Did

We believe the key to finding effective sales insights is a comprehensive sales analytics framework. As a first step, we undertook a comprehensive audit of all information streams related to the client’s sales and account management system. To see the view from above, we had brainstorming discussions with senior management and sales leadership to understand what ‘actionable analysis’ looks like to them. We then created a predictive sales analytics dashboard that provided bespoke insights in real-time.

The system was robust, leveraging the client’s CRM system, SAP, accounts database, and other syndicated data sources. This included 1,500+ variables which were evaluated and later aligned to 500+ most critical variables. All of this went into an interactive meta-data-based dashboard powered by Tableau/Power BI. The individual business dashboards had an in-built recommendation engine and predictive scoring algorithms for an accurate decision feed. These dashboards supported a deep understanding of the win-loss ratio for each account, facilitated account managers in cross-selling, upselling, and developed customized and competitively priced tech solutions for their end clients.


Exactly what the client needed: time on their side. Our solution offered a multifaceted interface for different business segments reducing turnaround for reports by 80%, providing real-time insights to activate sales. The platform helped reduce the number of requests to the data teams by 50%, and the initiative witnessed 100% sales participation within the first three months. Escalent takes a consultative, tool-agnostic approach to dashboards. We’ll work with the dashboarding technology that best suits your IT environment.

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