Building a regulation-compliant go-to-market strategy for fintech expansion
Success Stories | Building a regulation-compliant go-to-market strategy for fintech expansion, Building a regulation-compliant go-to-market strategy for fintech expansion

Building a regulation-compliant go-to-market strategy for fintech expansion

Escalent was our go-to thought partner to ensure we take a calculated decision to enter a new market, which justifies our ROI. Their AMP framework was scientific and robust, which took into consideration all possible factors that can impact our business. C-level stakeholders well appreciated the country insights. It has set the new base for all country assessments that we plan to do in the future.

Business Issue

Comprehensive market and regulatory diligence is a must for any go-to-market strategy. That certainly holds for the complex ecosystem of global finance. Fintech players are under the microscope, especially those who process large volumes of transactions on their platforms. They face stringent compliance with local regulations. Any hint of non-compliance can jeopardize the business opportunity, especially in new markets.

A fast-growing Fintech company was looking to expand. They needed to prioritize markets and build a phased expansion strategy. To be successful, the Strategy and Operations team needed a complete market picture. This included the demand for its offering and the degree of competition. They needed a comprehensive understanding of regulations, including data storage rules and customer privacy requirements. Finally, they needed to understand the market nuances of language, culture, and any unforeseen entry barriers.

What We Did

Escalent used our proprietary Assessment of Market Potential (AMP) framework to prioritize geographies for entry and expansion. We developed a robust model to assess the demand for the client’s platform. Then we went to work gathering local insights. By tapping into on-the-ground teams and partners, we could glean local insights about consumers and the sector. Ultimately, Escalent’s robust framework helped the client determine the attractiveness of each market and the client’s ability to win.


Armed with a combined understanding of demand, competition, compliance, and local insights, the client developed an informed and data-driven growth strategy and a successful market entry plan. The AMP framework allowed them to assess the addressable opportunity size and compare opportunities in each market vis-à-vis its existing benchmarks. They prioritized markets based on the total opportunity size they could capture in the short term. The framework will extend to 30+ priority markets.

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