Scaling your customer success teams and making time for your customers: A customer success case study
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Scaling your customer success teams and making time for your customers: A customer success case study

Business Issue

The more business you generate and customers you support, the more processes need to be implemented to support that growth. When you have a customer-focused model, your team’s time is money. So you aim to ensure that they spend as much time on revenue-generating activities as possible. But too often, their time is spent on administrative tasks, reporting, and updating systems. The challenge for many customer success teams is trying to alleviate some of this administrative burden, so they can focus on their customers’ success.

What We Did

A leading SaaS platform management company could see that when customers work closely with customer success consultants within the first 90 days after purchase, they have an 80% higher customer retention rate. It was clear that they needed to make more time for customers, especially during those critical onboarding days.

As a strategic partner, we looked for ways to reduce the administrative overhead and free up more time for consultants to spend with customers. We built a separate and cost-effective admin team that took on tasks such as generating presentation materials, keeping multiple systems updated, generating reports, and keeping clients up to date. We also looked at how individual customer success team members worked and standardized some processes to create time efficiencies. The customer success team could then focus on client-facing and revenue-generating work.


We saved hundreds of hours of admin time and put those towards customer-focused work. The customer success team has since been able to take on upwards of 10% more client engagements. They are doing what they do best, enabling customer success, especially during those critical onboarding days. Our engagement model provided flexibility to scale and retain customers without team burnout.

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