Using key audience dynamics to build a market taxonomy and map to important target groups
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Using key audience dynamics to build a market taxonomy and map to important target groups

Business Issue

A major technology firm’s understanding of its target market was outdated and no longer effective in helping it market relevant and valuable products. The firm needed a new system of audience classification beyond a typical segmentation.

In addition to overall business objectives, the outcome needed to satisfy more than a dozen study stakeholders throughout the company. The firm was seeking a partner who could be flexible enough to be strategic to the overall vision, along with the ability to provide tactical-level insights to various stakeholders with different goals.

What We Did

Using a quantitative approach, Escalent conducted deep-dive audience research in several of the client’s key global markets. We then used these insights,  along the key items of importance identified by the stakeholders. We were careful to isolate relevant and differentiated market definitions to use across teams and assisted the client in building a foundation for the company’s new audience classification system.

Once this was finalized, we worked with the client, advising how to strategically design and build supporting materials. This final step ensured strong uptake across the many study stakeholder teams as they developed materials for the audiences of interest.


Escalent’s insights allowed our client to build new solutions and craft go-to-market plans across a number of audience-relevant products and services.

Additionally, because the client collaborates with other technology firms,  our client shared this research across its partners. The research fueled cohesive, streamlined messaging around different products and services, while presenting a more united marketing approach across the client and partners.

The research continues to live on and  drive positive engagement and interaction  outcomes for our client and its technology partners.

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