Tech giant removes beta testing bias to improve product development
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Tech giant removes beta testing bias to improve product development

Escalent provided an unbiased perspective and a fresh outside view to help us revamp our user retention and outreach strategy as we go to market with new solutions.

Business Issue

We love experts. They’re essential to product development, especially in tech. But it has to be the right kind of expert: both qualified and unbiased. A global technology giant had been using their internal network of experts to gain insights and perspective of their beta offerings prior to full market launch. Unfortunately, this resulted in biased perspectives and ultimately in poor customer retention and outreach post-launch. The client needed fresh eyes on their beta products, reflecting a broader market perspective.

What We Did

We quickly set to work finding the right kind of experts. In the first phase, we interviewed a broad set of IT professionals and decision-makers worldwide to understand opinions and customer behavior. Additionally, we wanted to identify competing software beta programs for further study. In the second phase, we validated findings from the first phase through secondary research. We then shortlisted and benchmarked competing software beta programs against the client’s offering so they could see where they were falling short.


Timing is everything when it comes to product development. Escalent quickly found the right kind of experts — with fresh eyes and unbiased opinions — and wrapped up research in a few short weeks. As a result, the client redesigned their beta program to incorporate more new users with a validated outside perspective and insights on best practices. Now, when they go to full market launch, the customer solution is validated across the entire market instead of just meeting the needs of their existing installed base.

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