Improving a mobile app to complement an existing web product
Success Stories | Improving a mobile app to complement an existing web product

Improving a mobile app to complement an existing web product

Your team has been extremely responsive and has provided great insight into the research findings and how they address our needs. I have always been exceptionally impressed with your team’s knowledge, vision, and ability to find solutions.

Business Issue

A consumer healthcare brand planned to expand its services—traditionally delivered via its website—by launching a new mobile app to facilitate integration of health records with health and wellness content. As the mobile app neared its initial launch, the brand wished to test the user experience (UX) with healthcare consumers to elicit reactions to the product overall, as well as gain specific feedback on the various components of the app.

What We Did

Escalent conducted UX research focused on testing the mobile app and several of its use cases: onboarding and initial use, interactions on the home screen, information deep-dive screens, and a mobile health “to do” plan. Our world-class facilitator led one-on-one UX sessions with healthcare consumers, eliciting reaction to an interactive prerelease version of the app that was fully navigable.


Our client used the insights from this research to refine the app in advance of launch, including:

  • Optimized onboarding flow as well as home screen, info deep-dive screens, and a “to do” plan.
  • Improved navigation: “hamburger” menu vs. side navigation functions and those available at screen bottom.

Post-research, our client also gained a better understanding of consumer perceptions regarding look and feel of the web and mobile products, and how these fit with the overall brand image.

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