Qualitative Research

Human insight. Enabling human innovation.

In a quickly transforming world, business must be guided by authenticity and foresight. At Escalent, we believe the right approaches lead to the right insights. The right insights lead to the right decisions. And the right decisions lead to rapid and profound transformation with a greater certainty of success.

Escalent’s qualitative research is focused on reducing the risk while accelerating the pace of innovation. We help reveal genuine opportunities, prove out ideas and concepts using true customer perspectives, and then hone, improve, and perfect ideas before they are released.

How? We’re not just data collectors — we’re listeners, thinkers, and strategists. Using a combination of emerging technologies, anthropology, and ethnography, we tap into unique human insights that reveal real needs and potential. Then we use perspectives across multiple industries to transform it all into compelling stories and insights that shine a light on what’s possible. What’s big. And what’s next.

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