Launching a FinTech firm’s mobile payment product into new global markets
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Launching a FinTech firm’s mobile payment product into new global markets

It is not easy to find someone who combines understanding of the business issues and desired output with the ability to do the actual research. As to the question of how the research will be used? It already has been.

Business Issue

An American multinational FinTech company was preparing to launch a new online and mobile payment product and needed insights to inform product naming, positioning and messaging in the US and abroad. The goals were to hone in on a product name, understand how the product benefits resonated with prospective customers and gauge reactions to the product and its brand components in target markets outside the US.

What We Did

Escalent launched a multi-stage, international brand evolution study to assess the product names being considered. Our world-class qualitative researchers tested brand positioning and messaging concepts among consumers and online merchants to determine if they would grant the company permission to play in the online payment space.


The insight clinched the branded product name and logo that was used internationally at launch, and laid the foundation for the value proposition and messaging the marketing team used in its launch campaign. Six years later, the client is still using the insights and the guiding principles in its global product branding.

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