Imagining a fully autonomous vehicle from the future
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Imagining a fully autonomous vehicle from the future

Business Issue

A vehicle manufacturer challenged Escalent to develop the widest possible range of innovative ideas that could be built into a fully autonomous vehicle of the future. The manufacturer did not want to be bound by conventional rules, which enabled us to explore all possibilities through unrestrained creativity.

What We Did

We used co-creation techniques that freed consumers from the perceived constraints of today to help them visualize the products of tomorrow. Consumers acted out improvisational scenarios using a range of props. Illustrators worked alongside consumer teams and family groups to bring their ideas to life. In addition, our world-class qualitative team facilitated in-the-moment integration between consumers and the client team for deeper interaction and understanding.


Car buyers of tomorrow are ready to rewrite the rules in every area of vehicle design. Escalent presented fresh, innovative ideas to build a fully autonomous vehicle of the future—one that is rooted in consumer desires. We exposed constructs that were almost unrecognizable when compared with traditional design, creating intriguing design challenges for our client’s teams. And, we delivered a driver typology segmentation that illustrated how various mind-sets would accept or reject different concepts depending on their ego-state. A number of client teams are now using this insight to make improvements to current vehicle programs.

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