Building a deep partnership shaped by record growth despite marketplace disruption
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Building a deep partnership shaped by record growth despite marketplace disruption

Business Issue

An up-and-coming liquid nutrition manufacturer with a passionate customer base was working on securing contracts and funding to bring its products into retail stores and grow the overall business. The company needed to better understand its customers, competitors and the untapped market it dreamed of reaching to prove the viability of its growth potential with investors. Although the company initially only wanted help with an immediate communications issue, the relationship quickly deepened and the client began to rely on Escalent to fill in the remaining gaps in market understanding. With every new or persistent issue this brand faced, Escalent was its partner of choice—from informing communications strategies and product development, to measuring consumer and health care professional (HCP) perceptions and attitudes.

What We Did

Over three years, Escalent designed and executed a collection of qualitative and quantitative research that developed into a 360-degree approach to brand equity.

We established consumer and HCP trackers to measure ever-changing market perceptions. Online qualitative discussions with key customer targets provided a deeper understanding of what drives product recommendations. A consumer journey analysis provided complete insight into how customers shopped for products in the liquid nutrition space and identified which touchpoints are most influential to potential buyers. And a segmentation study identified distinct customer categories and the best outreach strategies.

Escalent’s world-class analysts and marketing scientists led every step of building this holistic approach to brand equity and market landscape.


What began as a “one and done” collaboration resulted in a strong multiyear relationship that is deeply consultative and built on a foundation of trust, respect and results.

The liquid nutrition company has taken every recommendation and insight to heart as it has used every single piece of research in yearly planning, C-suite readouts and investor presentations. The results speak for themselves, with the company successfully raising $100M in funding to support its growth since the foundation of the research relationship with Escalent.

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