Enhancing the shopping experience in a crowded category
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Enhancing the shopping experience in a crowded category

Business Issue

Customers in big box home improvement stores were struggling to shop for, compare and, ultimately, select faucets. The crowded category was further complicated by low consumer understanding of product features and benefits. A leading faucet brand decided to address the problem by creating an interactive, digital, point of purchase solution that would: 1) assist consumers in the product selection process, 2) encourage consideration of high-end features, and 3) be both noticeable and integrate within the existing aisle. The brand turned to Escalent to evaluate possible digital solutions and determine which one to develop and deploy.

What We Did

Escalent launched a multi-phase research program to test possible solutions in a mock store, garner ethnographic observations of finalist solutions in real stores, and conduct user experience research in a pilot store. We began by testing seven solutions in rotating order as homeowners and professionals shopped a full-scale faucet aisle in the mock store. Then, we installed the most promising solutions in actual stores where we observed everyday shoppers via hidden cameras and conducted intercept interviews to uncover how and why each solution was or was not used. Finally, we completed a number of interviews with the final solution to understand usability issues that would need to be addressed during final development.


We presented our detailed insights to the client who used our findings to hone their in-store, digital solution into a valued shopping aide. Shoppers who used the device felt more confident in their selections, enjoyed faster and more thorough shopping experiences, and expanded their consideration sets to include higher-end faucets.

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