Helping two global pharma companies uncover a winning position for launch of a new drug
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Helping two global pharma companies uncover a winning position for launch of a new drug

Escalent has done some great work for me and my team over the past years...great moderating skills and research reporting.

Business Issue

Two global pharma companies joined forces to launch a new prescription medicine for treatment of a mental health condition. The clients understood how competitive the landscape is for mental health treatment products and needed Escalent’s help to identify market needs for four audiences: patients, caregivers, psychiatrists and primary care doctors. They also needed help developing, assessing and finalizing the strongest position for this new treatment.

What We Did

Escalent facilitated in-person workshops with multidisciplinary client teams from both companies. We then conducted several rounds of qualitative research in and outside the US. We used pre-research activities—patient chart pulls for doctors and photo stories for patients—as well as storytelling to gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of mental conditions. Then we overlaid the unmet needs of the market with the new treatment’s benefits and tested four market insights. By blending this qualitative research with the clients’ previous quantitative research, we identified one very strong insight that was used to develop and test the elements of the product positioning story.


We successfully identified one specific need and crafted a meaningful and durable positioning recommendation to senior management. The clients were extremely pleased with how well the positioning was constructed—it was believable, important and achievable. The clients launched the product using our recommendation as the backbone of the positioning and continue to use the positioning two years later. Global sales are approaching half a billion dollars and the clients’ brand strength has improved year over year.

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