Securing IDIs with high-ranking, qualified experts for a top healthcare solutions company
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Securing IDIs with high-ranking, qualified experts for a top healthcare solutions company

Thank you for your work on this project! We had some real experts—very high-quality respondents—who knew the subject matter and could speak to nearly all of the questions that were asked, either in their current role or from previous roles.

Business Issue

A “Big 5” healthcare solutions company was developing options for health plans and pharmacy benefit managers that would not only make patients healthier but would lower costs. To build truly impactful solutions, it needed to understand how to best position itself to partner with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The insights it desired were not from typical research participants. The company needed to reach a very niche population: high-ranking, qualified titles at both large manufacturers and small bios. The results from this research would inform how the company developed and deployed new solutions.

What We Did

Escalent worked with the client to develop a list of target participants, including specific qualified titles (e.g., Outcomes Research Liaisons, VP/Director of Value-Based Pricing, VP/Director of Patient Access) at specific large manufacturers and small bios.

Our Global Buyer team vetted our expert panel partners to determine which was best equipped to reach these target participants. We worked with our selected panel partner closely, ensuring each participant’s daily responsibilities aligned directly with the needs of the client. This allowed us to quickly replace interviews in the event of cancellations or mismatches of experience. Ultimately, Escalent found and conducted 16 video-enabled in-depth-interviews (IDIs) with qualified pharmaceutical executives.


As a result of these IDIs, Escalent provided strategic and practical guidance to the client on how to best partner with pharma manufacturers to develop solutions that would result in healthier patients and lower costs.

The recruit for this project is where Escalent was able to stand out. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise, we pinpointed and found this extremely niche and high-ranking population. Escalent and the client both knew that although difficult, this was essential work to ensuring the best insights. Since then, the client has used this project to develop best practices for recruiting and qualitative research across its organization.

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