Helping an automotive finance company provide customer-driven experiences
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Helping an automotive finance company provide customer-driven experiences

This solution is long overdue and needed within the organization—an invaluable avenue. Reinforcement and validation is huge. The product owners didn’t know what they were missing.

Business Issue

A major automotive finance company sought to understand customer needs to support its agile product development processes. Before engaging with Escalent, the company developed products and services in isolation and based decisions on a “gut feel” for what customers desired. The client needed a mechanism for proactive, iterative feedback to discover what customers truly wanted. The goal was to bring the voice of the customer directly into the business.

What We Did

We leveraged our strategic relationship with Alida to build a 5,000-member Insight Community of current and former customers. We engaged members to gather insights on topics as diverse as communication preferences, attitudes toward emerging mobility solutions, process improvements, and new technology. We shared the iterative learnings in short, impactful reports, and the client shared how it used the insights to inform business decisions with community members via newsletters. This, in turn, drove engagement and brand affinity.


Escalent’s solution revealed customer needs, desires and behaviors, enabling the client to design and provide best-in-class customer experiences. Instead of relying on a “gut feel,” the client is now incorporating the voice of the customer directly into its product development process, which has helped it develop winning products developed from the outside in.

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