Developing a set of segmentations to serve multiple business needs
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Developing a set of segmentations to serve multiple business needs

Business Issue

A major investment manager launched a significant initiative to grow its market share among financial advisors. As it considered what to sell and how to sell it, the business realized that these categories do not always overlap. The firm needed new ways of defining key advisor personas to inform multiple complementary but distinct product, marketing and sales initiatives.

While organizations often think of having “a” segmentation of their customers and prospects, this company pursued a set of meaningful segmentations to serve multiple business interests.

What We Did

First, Escalent launched three distinct online surveys among a robust sample of financial advisors, each having both standalone and aggregate value.

Next, we used our blended segmentation analytical approach, an iterative objective-driven process, paired with an in-person workshop to determine the right outcome for each survey. Each option showed a high degree of accuracy in assigning advisors to a segment. We also built upon each previous segmentation by including past typing tools and inferring known profiling variables to save survey space and avoid repetitive questions.

Finally, we amplified the data with variables from the Discovery database and our own Cogent Syndicated Advisor Brandscape study.


The nearly year-long process allowed us to continuously build learnings about advisors at the aggregate and individual level. In the end, the client’s database was tagged with robust information about what each advisor is likely to want and how best to communicate relevant offerings to them.

Escalent leveraged multiple data streams to serve enterprise-level goals as well as those of individual departments, embodying the phrase that the sum is greater than its parts. Ultimately, we provided the necessary insight for our client to build more relevant products and offerings and to create a lift in relevant sales and marketing targeting.

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