Optimizing a solar product offering
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Optimizing a solar product offering

Business Issue

A large Southern IOU wanted to develop a community solar offering for its customers, but it needed to know how many customers—and segments—would be interested. Of course, a huge part of this is determining elasticity for various pricing schemes; identifying the optimal design, features and benefits from customers’ point of view for each model; pinpointing the most effective program names; and developing a communication strategy.

What We Did

Escalent kicked off a multiphase approach, including:

  • Exploration to uncover customers’ attitudes toward solar energy, their appetite for a community solar program, and desired features and benefits.
  • Concept development to refine key program elements.
  • Validation/refinement using discrete choice modeling and segmentation analysis to shape the model offerings, segment the market and size the opportunity.
  • Message testing to identify the most motivating messages to inspire customers to act.
  • Propensity modeling of likely adopters to target similar customers with specific communication and marketing materials.


Our energy experts revealed the optimal design to maximize participation in solar programs, including a profile analysis of four distinct customer segments with varying degrees of interest. The agile nature of this research provided iterative insights at every phase, enabling our client to design a solar program that can be delivered to the right people, with the right message, and at the right time.

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