Finding the voice of the customer for a mature finserv brand
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Finding the voice of the customer for a mature finserv brand

Business Issue

There are many catalysts and points along the consumer journey that provide strategic and valuable insight into a customer’s experience. A mature financial services firm came to Escalent with multiple customer experience (CX) initiatives in place but with no overarching, cohesive CX program for the brand as a whole. The client needed to make their CX initiatives work together seamlessly and wanted at-the-ready reporting they could easily leverage and share internally for strategic planning and growth.

What We Did

Escalent worked with the client to outline seven audiences and four types of initiatives to unite in one program.

We launched a four-tiered strategy including starting with in-the-moment surveys to gather on-going feedback. Bi-annual deep dives probed into issues or opportunities uncovered through the ongoing research. Transitional moments (such as opening a new account) prompted an additional touchpoint. And a web-intercept survey gauged the customer experience with the client’s website.

To make all of these insights actionable, Escalent designed dashboards and partnered and consulted with Qualtrics to develop them. Each dashboard is fed by data from all four initiatives and all seven audiences.


With all of their CX initiatives working together, the client was able to quickly interpret and use the data to inform their three-year strategic plan. Through easy-to-view dashboards by Qualtrics, the client was also able to pinpoint a need to better deliver digital experiences for their customers and began incorporating and sharing the findings with their internal CX teams.

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