Leveraging continuous data collection to optimize product offerings
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Leveraging continuous data collection to optimize product offerings

Our product development function operates on extremely tight timelines. Cogent Syndicated’s Advisor Insights On Demand provides us with an agile, reliable solution to bring external marketplace insights into our strategic planning process.

Business Issue

A long-standing client and leading asset manager needed to substantiate increased focus and funding of a new product launching for financial advisors.

The client wanted clear and quick insights into the overall market interest and the target profile of advisors that were likely to adopt the new product, hoping to uncover any critical product features that would feed successful product innovation within their organization.

What We Did

We leveraged our Cogent Syndicated’s Advisor Insights On Demand, harnessing the power of our Cogent Beat™ continuous data collection. We worked with our client to develop a series of ten crucial questions they needed to answer in order to move forward with the product launch.

As our existing infrastructure already collects demographic and firmographic information, these 10 questions could be project-specific and were designed to uncover the detailed information the client needed for a successful product launch.


Escalent provided our client with data to optimize their new product and solidify its launch. We identified the true size of the market, determined the incidence of likely users and pinpointed the channel and AUM range of the best advisor targets.

The fast turnaround from developing questions to having trusted results in hand equipped our client with timely insights to inform their strategic business decisions. Senior decision-makers were so pleased with the quality, cost and efficiency of the results that the client has signed on for 12 additional modules of questions in the coming year.

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