Increasing utility program participation through target profiling and prioritization
Success Stories | Increasing utility program participation through target profiling and prioritization

Increasing utility program participation through target profiling and prioritization

Business Issue

A large midwestern utility’s renewable energy department offers a subscription service that allows large organizations to buy renewable energy as part of their overall energy needs without setup or up-front costs. The service increases the organizations’ consumption of renewable energy and provides flexibility to scale up to reach their sustainability targets.

Despite the benefits, the program was underutilized and had a limited set of participants. Our client wanted to increase subscriptions with a physical presence in its service area. In addition, it wanted help prioritizing potential target organizations based in the state to optimize marketing efforts on high-relevance opportunities.

What We Did

Escalent developed an exhaustive secondary research framework to capture information from the public domain and subscribed databases. We gathered a range of dimensions for target organizations and then thematically categorized the dimensions to contextualize each business’ positioning on green energy adoption, future intent of reducing its carbon footprint, and propensity to adopt renewable energy solutions.

Escalent’s advanced analytics team kicked into high gear, working with the client to develop an overall composite “targetability” score for each organization. The proprietary score allowed our client to access a database of the high-, medium- and low-likelihood targets for subscribing to the utility’s renewable energy program.


With our layered approach of secondary research and advanced analytics, we provided our client with the data it needed to assess the potential relevance of target organizations for its subscription service. The secondary findings also went one step deeper, providing sustainability-specific background information for sales conversations with each potential target.

This research enabled our client’s account management team to identify—and equitably assign—high-likelihood targets across managers to increase subscriptions and build its physical presence in the service area.

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