Using advanced analytics to uncover new wireless insights within terabytes of CX data
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Using advanced analytics to uncover new wireless insights within terabytes of CX data

Escalent has the deepest telecom experience of any of the vendors that I’ve worked with.

Business Issue

A large US wireless operator has led the industry in new customer acquisition for many years by being resolutely focused on providing the best customer experience (CX) in the market. To spur on this objective, it uses a massive CX platform to capture behavioral and attitudinal data, but was faced with a unique challenge: How to best utilize this treasure trove of data to drive greater loyalty, thereby increasing retention and reducing churn. It turned to Escalent for their deep telecom experience, choosing the firm as agency of record for advanced CX analytics and reporting.

What We Did

Escalent created a dedicated CX analytics team for the client, spearheaded by individuals that not only had decades of experience in telecom, but many years of hands-on experience with the client and its unique business. Included within the team was a group of data scientists tasked with using advanced methodologies to explore the data and uncover new insights that could be taken to C-level to truly move the needle on the business. In addition, the team produces monthly reporting on newly acquired and long-tenure customers, as well as foundational reports that explore new areas of analysis and new CX concepts.


Our client already had a reputation for CX excellence, but this program has enabled it to identify new opportunities and to better align its resources to maximize value from new-customer wins. Working with a trusted partner with deep telecom experience has also enabled it to ramp up its analytics a lot faster and derive immediate value. Moreover, a dedicated team ensures that it is able to deliver rapid turnarounds on executive requests, allowing leadership to make informed decisions and respond to market forces within hours rather than weeks or even months.

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