Using prediction tools to mitigate churn and proactively alert executive leadership
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Using prediction tools to mitigate churn and proactively alert executive leadership

What a terrific partner we have in Escalent. Their responsiveness, innovative tools, and actionable recommendations made me look really good to our leadership team and… we kept our customers happy!

Business Issue

One of the “big four” telecom providers was anticipating extensive outages, which would inevitably cause backlash and churn, as well as create panic among the executive leadership overseeing corporate CX goals and compensation. It turned to Escalent for help:

  • Leveraging its benchmark programs to identify the path to which “outages” had the greatest impact on outcomes
  • Creating scenarios with our simulator tool to identify other improvements that could be made at a tactical level to ease the pain caused by the outages

What We Did

Escalent had already designed and deployed a substantial CX benchmark program for this client. By leveraging our existing self-reported data and other modeling results, we determined which touchpoints had the most impact on customer behavior. We were then able to create multiple scenarios in our simulator tool that identified which combination of touchpoints impacted outages and, ultimately, a customer’s likelihood to recommend. With that information, we provided an action plan for several of the provider teams, including marketing, customer service, and billing. Additionally, we predicted how data trends linked to compensation could be impacted, and set expectations accordingly.


Escalent found immediate opportunities for improvement. It was clear that proactive custom messaging at the sales center and call center levels, and minimal discounted billing in the effected regions, balanced out the anticipated backlash and churn. In addition, we informed the executive leadership team of the potential churn and advised them on the action needed to mitigate the problem. We are working together to expand the program to blend additional data streams and predict more sensitive data and ROI at multiple levels.

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