Building an effective commercial innovation pipeline with a major pharma company
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Building an effective commercial innovation pipeline with a major pharma company

Business Issue

A major pharma company turned to Escalent to ensure its early-stage product pipeline remains robust. Working directly with the Innovation Lead, who documents, vets, and owns status reports for innovation ideas from the worldwide employee base, we set out to define a more efficient process for:

  • Managing incoming innovative submissions
  • Identifying products with existing portfolios to innovate
  • Creating transparency and accountability into the progression of innovative concepts

What We Did

Escalent conducted a three-phase approach using desk research, idea lifecycle management, and disease landscaping.

To validate and shortlist key innovative ideas, we conducted scientific literature research, researched clinical trial information and provided medical device landscaping.

Next, we improved process efficiency and  reporting capabilities through enhanced report visualization. This enabled visibility into advancement of innovative ideas throughout the multi-stage vetting process.

Lastly, we assessed market conditions and obtained novel and current competitive treatment options within the therapeutic areas to vet ideas for potential commercialization.


As a result of Escalent’s partnership, our client is now set up with:

  • Investments in innovation that are determined from a holistic view of the therapeutic market, current and forecasted
  • Succinct guidance for go and no-go decisions that are supported by triangular data analysis and visualization
  • Greater agility and faster decision making through the tracking of innovation stages
  • Greater understanding of the company’s pace of innovation

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