Harnessing Behavioral Data

Harnessing Behavioral Data

Real-world, real-time automotive behavioral data. For real understanding.

Behavioral data are all around us. No longer are you limited by what your audiences say, you can now base your decisions on their actual behavior. DataDialogue™ combines the internet of things (IoT) data collected from consumer devices with market research analysis to provide an ongoing, contextual understanding of automotive user behavior, product usage and duty cycles. Simply put, DataDialogue explains the “why” behind the “what,” humanizing the interaction between people and automotive technology.

Behavioral Data Analysis

Understanding the why behind the what with user behavior insights

On one hand, you have a wealth of real-world usage data. On the other hand, you have questions about what it all means. Connecting these worlds unlocks valuable insight and enormous potential.

DataDialogue™ | Community combines real-time vehicle telematics data with research insights to provide an ongoing, contextual understanding of user behavior, vehicle usage and performance. Specifically, it arms automotive and mobility companies with:

  • Definitive information for faster product development
  • Immediate insight for improved vehicle quality
  • Certainty that leads to a reduction in product development costs
  • Better user data and behavioral insights, leading to brand advocacy and loyalty

Contextualize automotive events with near real-time feedback

User data have the power to identify critical moments, risks, and successes. But user data are only as powerful as our ability to capture moments and quickly contextualize them. Automotive events happen, but without understanding cause or perceptions, it is simply unactionable information.

DataDialogue™ | Trigger is a powerful solution that matches in-the-moment events with real-time user perceptions, creating clarity and context in data chaos. It gives you:

  • A deep understanding of real-world activity directly from users
  • Event-based feedback, such as harsh events, geolocation and fuel economy
  • Immediate context focused on specific driving behavior and habits

It’s more than behavioral data. It’s comprehensive knowledge. Now.

Humanize the interaction between people and automotive technology.

Ask how DataDialogue captures the untapped power of your user data.

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