Unprecedented insight from the largest study of next gen EV buyers

There is a new generation of EV buyers, and we know who they are and what they want. EVForward™ provides unprecedented insight into the attitudes, behaviors and opinions of the next generation of EV buyers. Combining Escalent’s deep expertise in Automotive & Mobility, Energy and Technology, EVForward™ owns insight that does not exist anywhere else in the market. If you’re talking to consumers about electric vehicles and you’re not using EVForward™, you’re creating solutions for the wrong people.


Win the EV race by knowing who will buy next with EVForward Market Profile

Analyzing the US and European new vehicle buyer markets, our annual EVForward Market Profile delivers a comprehensive, moment-in-time analysis of the EV market, leveraging a panel of tens of thousands of respondents. Our proprietary EVForward Score ranks each person’s intention to purchase an EV based on more than 600 lifestyle and personality characteristics so you can target the buyers most likely to purchase an EV based on their individual motivations. Escalent’s algorithms are 15 times more likely to identify eventual EV buyers than the average new car shopper.

We also created unique segments of EV Intenders, EV Open and EV Resistant buyers to complement your internal EV buyer segmentation with more details than available anywhere else. Altogether, you’ll know who will buy next and how to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Delve into specific EV topics with EVForward DeepDives

To augment the EVForward Market Profile, EVForward DeepDives explore the “why” behind peoples’ attitudes, behaviors, and topical issues in a changing marketplace. Get under the hood on issues that demand detailed insights on the broader EV ecosystem, such as:

  • The Future of Dealers in an EV World
  • The EV Consumer Path to Purchase
  • How Consumers (and Tesla Owners) Really View Tesla
  • The State of EV Charging Infrastructure
  • How Brands Must Evolve for Electrification, and more

You get access to four detailed DeepDive reports per year on specific topics impacting the EV industry, perfect for refining your EV strategy to target and reach relevant buyers. Your Escalent automotive advisor is there to answer questions and discuss findings as you explore the DeepDives.

Win the electric vehicle race.

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