Engineering next-generation vehicles through consumer dialogue
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Engineering next-generation vehicles through consumer dialogue

Business Issue

An OEM needed to build best-in-class next-generation vehicles to remain competitive in a market rife with disruption and increasing consumer expectations. To do so, it needed highly detailed vehicle telematics data to intimately understand how drivers use its vehicles on a daily basis. The OEM was accumulating mountains of data that were streaming from telematics devices installed on its commercial and fleet vehicles but did not have the capabilities or in-house expertise to manage and decipher the data. It turned to Escalent to create clarity from chaos.

What We Did

Escalent recruited commercial and fleet vehicle owners into an Insight Community to establish an ongoing, two-way dialogue with the owners and to capture real-world feedback on vehicle use. We also engaged fleet organizations that provided a relevant array of vehicle and powertrain types, representing a wide spectrum of products. Through close collaboration with our client, we designed an information flow process for the telematics data as well as information from additional databases and new results from the Insight Community. Using our 40 years of automotive expertise, we added context and provided deeper meaning to the data.


Our client finally got a clear understanding of how its commercial and fleet vehicles were being used in the real world. Using the insight, it shifted its design plans and is currently collaborating with an internal team and external partners to design next-generation vehicles that promise to be safer and more driver-centric.

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