Updating a global brand tracker to reflect a new automotive reality
Success Stories | Updating a global brand tracker to reflect a new automotive reality

Updating a global brand tracker to reflect a new automotive reality

Escalent has been performing as a partner instead of as a supplier. They understood perfectly my business needs and my challenges. The team is proactive, knows its business and my market, providing us specific solutions and excellent insights tailored to our needs.

Business Issue

A global automotive manufacturer, with whom we have partnered for 10+ years on a successful, global brand tracker, needed to update and streamline its study to remain current in a period of unprecedented disruption from new technologies (EV, HEV, PHEV, autonomous vehicles) and services (mobility alternatives) that sub-optimize tracking programs.

What We Did

Being mindful of the reliable, established KPI trends, we updated the tracker to do four things really well:

  • Maintain trends where essential.
  • Include emerging subject matter related to new technology.
  • Create an agile approach to add custom inquiries as needed.
  • Evolve reporting and deliverables.

We implemented leading-edge research approaches that ensured long-term viability of the tracker with the use of tools like device-agnostic surveys, state-of-the-art fraud detection, autofill, and streamlined reporting.


Escalent helped our client evolve its large-scale tracking program in a clear, organized fashion, involving all key stakeholders to ensure buy-in. By beginning with the end in mind and following a methodical process, we greatly reduced our client’s anxieties around this necessary evolution. This allowed everyone to focus on the end game: becoming more agile and responsive. Our client now has integrated insights into entirely new and relevant topics, further increasing the value and relevance of its program.

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