Connectivity Forward

Connectivity Forward

Bridging the connectivity chasm between today’s reality and the promise of tomorrow with our connected vehicle insights

Revolutionize your approach to the connected vehicle market. Automakers, suppliers and tech companies are struggling to create value-added connected car services without knowing who will buy or what to offer. You don’t have to guess with Connectivity Forward™, our automotive market research and insights program that identifies the right consumers who’ll adapt to novel connected vehicle offerings and pinpoints the types of vehicle connectivity feature themes that will resonate. Leveraging Escalent’s deep expertise in Automotive & Mobility and Technology, Connectivity Forward gives your business a huge advantage in the complex automotive connectivity marketplace. Understand the attitudes, behaviors and motivations of future buyers ready to adapt to connected vehicle offerings that captivate.

Understand the future buyers of connected vehicle services

You need to know who will buy future connected vehicle services and what motivates them to develop winning solutions. We’ve established an approach to understanding who will buy so you can design and market directly to these consumers.

Profiling thousands of individuals, we identify their wants, needs and emotions towards new automotive and technology adoption as well as potential, future vehicle connectivity services. Then, we determine future connected vehicle service buyers by using our proprietary Connectivity Forward Adaption Score that ranks each person’s likelihood to adapt to new connected services based on nearly 500 lifestyle, personality and attitudinal characteristics. We also created unique consumer personas of connected car service intenders so you can understand their motivations, barriers and opinions.

This holistic approach gives you a thorough, nuanced understanding of the types of consumers most likely to buy future connected vehicle services.

Know the real opportunities that exist for future connected vehicle offerings

What are the types of connected vehicle services that will provide a unique experience and value to consumers? How can companies move consumers from transactional vehicle purchases to incremental, pay-as-you-go subscription services?

Connectivity Forward answers these questions, too. With our report, you get an in-depth, moment-in-time analysis of the vehicle connectivity landscape, including where the industry currently stands, how technology continually reshapes the vehicle, and consumers’ home tech ecosystem and usage. You’ll also learn which connected vehicle services have the highest degree of resonance by exploring diverse facets of the consumer experience and perspective, from data privacy attitudes and in-vehicle technology usage to consumer interest in and acceptance of future connected car feature themes.

You’ll know where the vehicle connectivity market opportunity truly exists, eliminating the guesswork about what consumers want and will adopt in a future connected vehicle world.

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