Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Insights

Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Insights

The only source you need for commercial vehicle and fleet demand, supply and inventory insights

The commercial vehicle and fleet sector is under intense pressure to evolve. The game is staying two steps ahead of disruptive technologies, global supply chain challenges, and shifting market dynamics so you’re always one step ahead of the competition in the commercial vehicle and fleet industry. It’s what we do. And it’s why stakeholders of all shapes and sizes trust us to provide smart, strategic automotive insights and counsel. Our commercial vehicle and fleet market research and advisory practice delivers the only market intelligence, insights and solutions you’ll ever need. How? Through a trifecta of supply, demand and inventory data you can’t get anywhere else.

Comprehensive, actionable insights for commercial vehicle and fleet market stakeholders

We arm commercial vehicle and fleet industry stakeholders with a cohesive, 360-degree view of the industry to grow your business.

With more than three decades of experience, we understand the past, which gives us a window into the future. And our commercial vehicle and fleet market and insights experts bridge both by distilling industry data to help clients translate human and market behavior into strategic plans, products and services that keep you ahead of this rapidly-changing industry.

Bottom line? Our clients are winning because they leverage Escalent’s thought-provoking commercial vehicle and fleet market data and insights, holistic quantitative and qualitative analysis, market expertise and informed projections of where the industry is headed.

Know where the commercial vehicle and fleet industry is headed with our market analysis

We work across all commercial vehicle classes and sizes of business that use and purchase commercial vehicles in the industry, and we know fleet decision-makers, influencers, drivers, dealers, leasing and remarketing organizations inside out.

By extracting the most relevant, forward-thinking ideas from ongoing primary and secondary research data, you get commercial vehicle and fleet industry insights, reports, data projections, analysis, and advisory services to help you understand and claim your market position.

And by working with our team of commercial vehicle and fleet research experts, you get the knowledge and guidance needed to innovate around the most promising opportunities and create the unique solutions commercial vehicle and fleet businesses so desperately need.

  • Understand the needs, expectations and future plans of commercial vehicle and fleet businesses with market research, reports and insights from leaders and decision-makers who live and breathe fleet. With ongoing, market-relevant and forward-looking information, you’ll get an insider’s perspective on current and future challenges of fleet stakeholders and identify real needs to fill industry gaps around emerging fleet vehicle and management technologies.

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  • Anticipate competitors’ next move, seize the right opportunities and future-proof your business with comprehensive insights into the commercial vehicle and fleet market, your competitors and their relative position in the industry. Get the most extensive commercial vehicle market data and analysis available to discover your competitive advantage and inform strategic decisions.

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  • Quickly keep up with the market, track competitor moves, spot trends, scout partners and identify M&A opportunities with specific, actionable intelligence on the commercial vehicle and fleet industry topics most important to you. With relevant industry news and analysis delivered straight to your inbox, we weed through the noise so you can spend your time on higher-value work such as strategy and planning.

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  • Understand how current commercial and fleet vehicles are being used and the kinds of vehicles and upfits buyers need with in-depth insights, data analytics and interactive dashboards unifying current and future vehicle supply, demand, inventory and sales data into one holistic view. You’ll get the hard data you need to make informed decisions about vehicle configuration so you can nail your product and strategic planning.

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