Managing Product Complexity

Managing Product Complexity

Manage complexity by finding opportunity in chaos to win

Automotive and mobility companies poised to win manage complexity skillfully, creating a path to success. How? By reducing buildable vehicle configurations. By identifying feature-pricing opportunities and risks. By creating logical option packages. And by introducing sensible product configurations. Always with the voice of the customer top of mind, instilling confidence that they are bringing the best product and service to market.

Managing Product Complexity

Enhance your offerings and win by streamlining product complexity

Our complexity management solutions connect the dots, transforming the unsustainable into the elegant. We even created a unique solution that is renowned in the automotive and mobility industry for streamlining overwhelming product complexity.

SOCO™ (Strategic Optimization of Complex Offerings) streamlines product complexity using our one-of-a-kind, proven methodology to amp up targeted marketing. Originally developed for features optimization in the automotive industry—where the sheer size of the complexity problem overwhelms conjoint-based methods—SOCO provides clarity and simplicity to enhance your offerings as well as customer/user experiences.

Reduce product complexity, boost customer satisfaction

SOCO helps automotive and mobility companies:

  • Reduce the number of vehicle configurations proposed while offering customers the choices they want. This reduces engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and regulatory costs while improving customer satisfaction.
  • Identify option packages with maximum customer appeal.
  • Pinpoint product configurations that have unique appeal to specific market segments.
  • Highlight feature-pricing opportunities and risks.

Enhance your offerings by balancing features and choice with differentiation and value.

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