Global manufacturer expands footprint with a market opportunity assessment
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Global manufacturer expands footprint with a market opportunity assessment

We needed accurate market intelligence about hard-to-reach regions where there was very limited publicly available information. Escalent helped us understand the specific questions we had about each region and the decisions we needed to make. They applied a variety of research techniques to gather and validate data. The quality of analysis and insights was exceptional and packaged and delivered in a workshop format, ensuring that our questions were answered. Our team could quickly and confidently make decisions about each region.

Business Issue

An international manufacturer was witnessing saturation in demand from its existing markets, leading to a shrinking pipeline. Despite a strong product portfolio, they struggled to enter new, hard-to-penetrate markets. They couldn’t pinpoint the barrier, much less chart a path forward into new markets, so they reached out to Escalent for a market opportunity assessment and a plan for a bold, informed market entry.

What We Did

During the first stage of the market opportunity assessment, we saw that the group’s expansion approach was largely focused on a limited set of markets. What they needed was a thorough, all-encompassing approach to explore the broader market pool. Acknowledging the technical nature of the client’s offerings, we first immersed ourselves in the business, ramping up our understanding of the product and its application through site visits and conversations with subject matter experts. Then we quickly set to work using our proprietary ‘Assessment of Market Potential’ (AMP) framework.

First, we looked at a large set of markets and the relevant macro and micro attributes, prioritizing a few in Africa, South America, Europe, and the Middle East for further deep-dive. The shortlisted markets were then objectively compared based on the business landscape, product value chain, customer, and competitor landscape, amongst other themes. We interviewed 30+ subject matter experts in hard-to-reach markets. Then we identified the client’s ability to win in each of these markets through a quantitative assessment of the client’s operations.


The AMP approach opened our client’s eyes to new targeting opportunities. Our exhaustive evaluation informed the entry strategy for new markets and pinpointed suitable customers in priority markets. With an informed path forward, the client was able to prioritize market opportunities in Asia and the Middle East, and other markets of immediate interest.

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