Fortune 500 brand builds a strategy to fight illicit trade
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Fortune 500 brand builds a strategy to fight illicit trade

Escalent quickly brought clarity for us on a difficult subject of illicit trade and how much it was costing us. They created a model for how to attack the problem going forward.

Business Issue

This name-brand company came to Escalent following increased competition from illicit product sales in its top markets. In recent years, the company had seen a loss in market share to illicit and contraband products, and they needed to understand the dynamics of this growing threat. The client commissioned Escalent to help analyze the structure, drivers, and development of illicit trade and define strategies to fight back. Specifically, it wanted to empower its end markets with up-to-date information, tips, and tricks to help directly address this growing problem.

What We Did

Escalent gathered and summarized all internal knowledge from the client’s employees. We identified the most impacted markets and developed a framework for identifying key threat indicators to be used by each end market. We then developed future scenarios based on a range of quantitative and qualitative research, tracking studies and opinions of in-house and external experts.


We brought the scenarios to life in the form of a toolkit, which allowed end markets an ongoing way to understand, evaluate, and combat the problem. With the toolkit, markets could challenge their thinking about illicit trade and test their strategies and underlying assumptions on an ongoing basis.

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