Monitoring the equity of a nation’s brand
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Monitoring the equity of a nation’s brand

Our relationship started with the Escalent team supporting our brand tracking study and has grown to where they are a trusted partner we look to for help on projects that influence our strategy, business planning, and marketing decisions. They understand our business and our organization, and provide the level of insight we need to confidently take action.

Business Issue

The National Tourism Organization of an emerging tourism destination required a scientific framework to help track the performance of its national brand and proactively intervene. The client had a government mandate to improve the market share amongst competitive destinations, inform its marketing initiatives across target markets, and monitor the efficacy of its efforts.

What We Did

Escalent uses a holistic brand tracking solution to measure and monitor the health of 100+ global brands. We began by defining key tracking indicators to establish and monitor the equity of the nation’s brand. The solution included measures related to the brand journey and both tangible and intangible attributes that define the brand.

Since the main source markets for travelers to this destination were spread across continents, we used a robust survey instrument to collect a nuanced and targeted sample across 20 source markets worldwide. The survey tool has an automated analytics engine that drives insights through survey data and creates 10,000+ slides covering brand performance in each source market. The study outcomes are embedded in an online interactive dashboard, providing a dynamic ability to conduct meaningful assessments.


Escalent delivers year-round tracking that includes 60+ reports each year and 450 million data points. Brand monitoring has become core to the client’s marketing performance measurement and strategic planning. We continually provide meaningful insights related to the performance of the brand vis-à-vis competition across source markets and the efficacy of the client’s efforts in those markets. The framework feeds into targeted marketing activities and return on investment assessment for the target markets.

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