Assembling a dedicated team of Implementation Consultants to boost customer satisfaction without adding headcount
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Assembling a dedicated team of Implementation Consultants to boost customer satisfaction without adding headcount

Really great work. I’m very pleased with the deliverables and appreciate that you and the team are continuing to explore different ways to help us advance our VOC analysis. I’m eager to tap into more of Escalent’s capabilities.

Business Issue

An electric utility had multiple ongoing customer satisfaction tracking studies that required so much time to execute that the research team had very little time left to tease out—or act on—the learnings. This was especially true of the critically important open-ended comments, which are worth their weight in gold for identifying customer pain points.

The research team turned to Escalent for help. They needed to boost bandwidth without adding headcount so they could tease out critical insights and address emerging requests.

What We Did

We assembled a dedicated team of implementation consultants and developed a detailed process that outlined how each recurring task should be executed, including a weekly progress status report. 

Then our dedicated consultants got to work: 

  • Delivering PowerPoint reports on key CX themes, problems, opportunities and recommendations
  • Providing Excel reports on customer satisfaction and individual crew performance, including text analysis
  • Measuring monthly and overall NPS performance to identify key drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction

In addition, our dedicated team of implementation consultants identified 16 technical errors on the website and recommended five client enhancement features by extracting and analyzing data from the client’s Medallia platform. 


By delivering rich customer insights, our client resolved recurring customer pain points and acted swiftly to address new issues, both of which reduced operating costs thanks to fewer customer calls.

The utility expanded and extended their original dedicated team and added a second dedicated team. Escalent is now also:

  • Quality-checking questionnaires and programmed links
  • Developing reports for ad hoc studies
  • Programming surveys in the client’s Alida platform
  • Analyzing digital CX data from the client’s Quantum Metrics platform
  • Performing regression analyses to predict changes in customer satisfaction

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