Leveraging Cogent Syndicated to save millions in unnecessary work
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Leveraging Cogent Syndicated to save millions in unnecessary work

Business Issue

A utility wanted to improve customer service and was planning to invest in a full website redesign to meet the service expectations of customers. As the regulated utility market began to experience competition from non-regulated providers, the utility wanted to ensure it was building trust with customers and positive brand associations.

What We Did

Using Escalent’s syndicated research, our client quickly assessed its overall performance on a range of customer service attributes, including the impact on brand trust, gaps between how customers contact the utility and how they would prefer to contact the utility, the impact of service experiences on customer adoption of future utility-offered programs, and finally, the performance of the client’s website.


Escalent prevented our client from embarking on a seven-figure website redesign. While it was looking to improve customer satisfaction, its customers were already extremely happy with the current website—in fact, our client was a top performer. While it’s always important to think ahead to how you can help your customers, it’s even more important to not waste precious funds to fix things that aren’t broken. While the utility’s website was meeting or exceeding expectations in this case, the client did identify other weak areas of the service experience and are focusing improvements there.

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