Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation solutions for research, data and business analytics

Business is bouncing back. Looks like full steam ahead for growth. Then … the ‘Big Quit.’ The ‘Great Resignation.’ Whatever you call it, business leaders feel it. They need fast, flexible staffing solutions and the ability to scale up or down with workflow demands. Enter a new engagement model for success: staff augmentation services designed specifically for research and data analytics.

Staff Augmentation

Imagine a dedicated team of crackerjack consultants and skilled analysts on your side

Many of our staff augmentation clients feel growing pressure to move faster and work more innovatively. But workflow variability makes it difficult to add headcount and build a better process. What if you had access to long-term contractors with the precise skills and industry knowledge you need? A dedicated team to deliver fast answers, real-time insights, and flexible support for you and your stakeholders?

With staff augmentation to manage ongoing research and data delivery, imagine what else you could do with the talent you actually hired to produce the most value for your business. Escalent can assemble a dedicated team of skilled researchers, analysts, and data scientists with knowledge and skillsets to meet your business needs.

Anytime, anywhere business process improvement

Escalent’s workforce augmentation model helps companies manage costs and workflow variability while reducing the time and transaction costs of vetting vendors and jumping through contract hoops. Plus, you’ll have the same team members on your business to maintain project consistency and build institutional memory.

We provide both onshore and offshore staff augmentation. Our staff augmentation model can work for any business unit that relies on data-driven decisions. Your dedicated resources can work remotely on a ‘follow the sun’ model or from your corporate offices. As you wish. Either way, they’ll act as a true extension of your team, delivering ongoing support for crisis-speed decision-making, business process improvement and long-term growth.

Ready to scale your business and build your dream team?

Ask about team augmentation services for insights professionals and data-driven decision-makers.

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